Mike Support (album)

by MikeAll

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2nd solo project


released November 1, 2015



all rights reserved


MikeAll Toronto, Ontario

MikeAll (formerly known as Mikeraphone) is a Scarborough, Ontario native and Hip Hop educator. His first solo ep, "Mike Check", was produced in 2008 and his second solo, "Mike Support", is available now. MikeAll's goal is to put the poet back into Rhythm And Poetry.
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Track Name: Mike Check


“Ya haven’t heard nothing yet”… “Was just a mic check”
“Ya haven’t heard nothing yet”… “Was just a mic check”
“Ya haven’t heard nothing yet”… “Was just a mic check”
“Was just a mic check… was just a mic check…”

“Ya haven’t heard nothing yet”… “Was just a mic check”
“Ya haven’t heard nothing yet”… “Was just a mic check”
“Ya haven’t heard nothing yet”… “Was just a mic check”
“Was just a mic check… was just a mic check…”

Mic check, strike the set after Mike recites his text/
High turnover rate to do it all again like cassette/
Tapes, eject fakes, stop, step off the stage/
Or face Danger like Blahzay Blazhay Lost in Space/

TDot ya face, put a mark on my targets/
Soft like cartilage while I’m charged like a cartridge/
“The margin aint long enough to see me heartless”
D.E.K. to leave impression so you knowing what a Scar is”

My bars is heavy weight, en garde, get ready train/
Accept fate even on best day not second place/
The mic in my hand then I strike like lightning/
“Mike Check” was a CD that I know you liking/

Now I’m back once again bringing you an encore/
Plug Mike in, let’s begin to explore “Mike Support”/
Life’s my sport, play to win, shots swishing net/
And when you think I wreck the set then you haven’t heard nothing yet!

“Ya haven’t heard nothing yet”… “Was just a mic check”
“Ya haven’t heard nothing yet”… “Was just a mic check”
“Ya haven’t heard nothing yet”… “Was just a mic check”
“Was just a mic check… was just a mic check…”

“Ya haven’t heard nothing yet”… “Was just a mic check”
“Ya haven’t heard nothing yet”… “Was just a mic check”
“Ya haven’t heard nothing yet”… “Was just a mic check”
“Was just a mic check… was just a mic check…”
Track Name: A MAGNUM

Yo I aint bust in a while what's the deal/
Trying to keep me hidden and concealed/
But I'm back ready to flame blasting/
Fully loaded exploded, its A Magnum/

I don’t pack a gacht but I'm strapped with rap/
Like Sweet Back and Shaft tracks action packed/
Ain't no blasting back verbal volleys halted/
They say I rifle rap cause the way I assaulted

Not on a false tip authentic I deliver/
Hip Hop spitter with trigger finger of Kevin Vickers/
Pick ya off get dropped by songs stopping power/
Count your hours if you opting on blocking ours/

Locked and loaded Mikeraphones in holster/
Approach to close shot on like dunk posters/
Smoke ya for trying to provoke and punk me/
Famous last words you heard "Do you feel lucky"

No recovery when verbal shells hit/
We can battle in public or private like Selleck/
Pellet guns what you are up against A Magnum/
Do the math 44 out of a 100 fraction/

Odds is 357 do you still want to be testing/
Testing, testing/
"Mics my Piece" Ice T "Minds my Lethal Weapon"/
Weapon, weapon, weapon-

“I grab the mic just like a magnum”
“I blast off lyrics like a magnum”
(Bup Bup) “Here’s the microphone magnum”
(Bup Bup) “Here’s the microphone magnum”

“I grab the mic just like a magnum”
“I blast off lyrics like a magnum”
(Bup Bup) “Here’s the microphone magnum”
(Bup Bup) “Here’s the microphone magnum”

2nd shot salvo salivate ammo/
Bomb Bass w Matrix like in Commando/
Yo I Rambo rap while u ramble crap/
Grip the mic and strike yeah I handle that/

Fans'll cannon blast 21 gun salute/
You introduced as brute but shoot with force of flute/
My tunes a ruger DJs revolve it/
Magnum loads explode so foes won't dodge it/

A Magnum cock it Big Pun intended/
Take it how you wanna either way I'm gonna send it/
Right on target I'm amped to win/
Big head space get Magnum belted champion/

Bret Hart ranks him Hitman Sharpshooter/
If beat don't make u bounce lyrics sparks move ya/
Groupings on point solo shots deadly/
Of the dome rhymes released to take off your head piece/

Throw down for more rounds brain chamber never empty/
A Magnum Force way when haters barricade entry/
Signing off the maker of this sentence be/
All My Actions Give New Understanding Mentally-

“I grab the mic just like a magnum”
“I blast off lyrics like a magnum”
(Bup Bup) “Here’s the microphone magnum”
(Bup Bup) “Here’s the microphone magnum”

“I grab the mic just like a magnum”
“I blast off lyrics like a magnum”
(Bup Bup) “Here’s the microphone magnum”
(Bup Bup) “Here’s the microphone magnum”

Yo u forgot to like a shot for TDot!
Track Name: TorOntario

CHORUS: “Making T-Dot the capital of North America”

Aiyyo Blue Jay hit up out dome raise/
Got it down Pat guarding Borders of home base/
Is Canadian Shield, stay making em yield/
Mike strike so garbage lay wasting in fields/

Play straight from the East, Finch and Pharmacy Aves/
Fall for the Bluff then watch Scarborough make a splash/
Can’t hack a battle, Big Smoke’ll make you choke/
Overdose on quotes that’s dope as Etobicoke/

Get your shoulder broke tryna catch a cannon blast/
Like Fort York North force withstand attacks/
Then lash back Bulldog off the leash/
Ask Argonauts who got the golden fleece/

Which equals props fore Maestro’s needle dropped/
TDot’s HipHop crops not no feeble stock/
We eat it all yo we’re so hungry/
Ask Lastman whose better nooobody-


Bishop took you on a journey from Kipling 2 Kennedy/
Follow we beyond TTC there’s more 2 see/
Like streetcar roads were wired with energy/
Forever Yonge even after centuries/

Measure 2 we huh there’s no comparison/
Way I take off above you ain’t my Pearson/
Here comes the boom bap ill drums/
Move back Peel no Halton my Wilson

Rhyme skill come fresh like crop from Gardner/
Can’t derail Union with my Hip Hop partner/
Quit my job as author you’ll Miss his sagas/
In duels spit lava 2 dismiss imposters/

Inspiration blockers mashed like potato/
Get green light from muse then my arts AGO/
Like PO’s they say please behave/
But me above the law because it’s GTA-

Yo you heard it before but still I got to let ‘em know/
Good things grow in Ontario/
Watch me carry the load tight rope walking the Falls/
Trust I keep it 400 how I Barrie what’s false/

Block and Perry Sound off try defend from my pen/
Claim to make Great waves why ur flow so Dryden/
Try again find a friend and force to support you/
No luck running track even with a Goldenhorsehoe/

Export truth like jewels from the ground that be under/
But you got to get ta work cause it’s “Yours to Discover”
Keep Thunder at Bay with Eerie flows that’s Superior/
When warring all a Borden no safety zone area/

Swear ya on Point like tipi more bottom than Peele/
I train to leave my mark on tracks like graffiti/
CD spins like airplane blades at Billy Bish/
TorOntario “There’s no place like this”-
Track Name: WuDot [Dubplate]

“Renaming TDot WuDot… Toronto Fans ain’t nuttin to F** wit!” GFK

I scratch 4th like Disciple with the force of a rifle/
In Winter Warz, Liquid Swords a Cold North icicle/
My skills liable to make lyvest rival lie still/
Know my steez Mighty Healthy still Ghost tell people Mike ill

Cycle Chambers rapid with Semi Auto raps/
Ominous poems Hollow Bones till you aint got no back/
Attack stance 49th parallel pole fighter/
Methods blaze God’s gift like Marvel’s Ghost Rider

Who go lyve with Ghost beside, its WuDot mother f*****s/
RZA basement flow how I flood ya conductors/
Bringing Da Ruckus then we be giving you crutches/
Cuffless, Uncontrolled how I spit with such Substance

Exit redundance, Enter originality/
Jamal Arief fatalities my battle strategy/
Jagged teeth spear mint gum rappers like trident/
Volume level is Wu label even when I be “Silent”-

Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game/
Bringing original sound yeah that is the aim/
Listen I live for a challenge I’m laughing at pain/
Ignorance is ignition now I craft with my rage/

I’m on point sword sharpened and set to use/
Left in pieces getting checked you better move/
From reckless to connected don’t let me loose/
While Protecting ya Kneck ur chest will get severed thru/

Watch them run in the direction of celebrity/
All but some forgot intellectual integrity/
Since there’s none all the best of those ahead of me/
Exceptional respectable professional I’m many things/

Moving thru canyons and tower scraping the sky/
Inspiring building ours never came here to die/
We came here to try to drain the pain deep in the eye/
Of an age where all that we see is being caged in disguise/
I’ve got a couple dollars I got a lot of dreams/
But besides what actually matters not a lot is free/
Please no props to me it’s not a lot I do/
The rhymes talk to me then I talk to you props to Wu-

S(uuuuu)oon come ruin punks softer than a june plum/
Thru son continuing the saga like the Wu does/
Buddha Monk drunk of the fire Ice Water/
Getting lost in every heavy title I conquer/

Rivals lie slaughtered wide see eyes rotten/
Rebel I spot ‘em then pencil lines locked in/
Enter WuDot find your period ending/
No time to reflect and inspect what’s trending/

Of silly pretending with Golden Arms I’m bending/
Your lead bars not head of ours left scarred too hard for mending/
Sow it seams only we are lifting the music/
Toronto the scene this is the movement/

WuDot exclusive tools cocked for dueling/
Showing and proving infinite solutions/
Jae and we keep ADD listeners tuned in/
True Masters pass Wu disciplined students-

WuDot, WuDot, WuDot, Mikeraphone, Jaegod
WuDot, WuDot, WuDot, Mikeraphone, Jaegod
WuDot, WuDot, WuDot, Mikeraphone, Jaegod
WuDot, WuDot, WuDot, Mikeraphone, Jaegod-
Track Name: DC vs

“Look up in the sky it’s a bird it’s a plane”/
It’s the Distinguished Competitor recognize the name/
And get a proper look at this comic book/
Company like Aquaman’s hand we off the hook/

We got you shook instill fear in your heart/
With the ring of Sinestro we bringing the Deathstroke/
Say hi to the Spectre face God’s judgment see/
Avenge all you want you won’t break the Justice League/

There’s no escaping cause we got Mr. Miracle/
Plus Doctor Fate can operate in the spiritual/
Afterlife “in brightest day in blackest night”/
We see it all through the Brother Eye satellite/

So get gone before the last son of Krypton/
Knocks you out of orbit it’s too late to forfeit/
My firestorm will rearrange your every Atom/
You won’t know what happened when I call Black Adam/

And his jab hits you so you bagged like back issues/
Go ahead get help I’ll turn on the Bat Signal/
Cause you a cowardly lot but now that we got/
Bruce Wayne to produce pain you about to be dropped/

Face it my defense is Wonder Woman’s bracelet/
Sneak attack with Martian Manhunter’s shape shift/
Trust this fight’ll be done in a Flash/
Deadshot’ll make your head pop with a gun in his stash/

I summon the wrath of Darkseid’s Omega beam/
Like Deadman my presence is felt but never seen/
You “poozer” I say Shazam to electrocute ya/
Possess strength of Doomsday intellect of Lex Luthor/

So kcuf levraM Zatanna just cursed you/
With heroes and Rogues from Earth One and from Earth Two/
Plus the whole Multiverse we multi-versed/
Oracle got each team on full alert/

In the streets Green Arrow and Black Canary are standing guard/
All the way to planets far Mogo to Thanagar/
With enemies lifeless from Infinite Crisis/
A force beyond the Source Wall sent me to write this-
Track Name: vs MARVEL

Marvelous “nuff said” Charles X off the head/
Before you even spit a line I got your thoughts read/
Spot X marks the Bullseye pulverize your team/
Mikeraphone’s poems hard to the bone like Wolverine/

Got medals I’ll pull your team with my Magneto flow/
Quick as Silver Surfing in a warp speed zone/
Release flows so cold code names Iceman/
No one’s spared from warfare not even my hypeman/

You aint got a slight chance not by a Longshot/
Wanna block watch my song take off like Juggernaut/
Optics locked Summer Scott style eyes on the prize/
Culture Vulture trying to rise forced to take a nose dive/

Deep inside the core Morlock underground/
My mic’s Mjolnir so you hearing thunder sound/
Drums pound like Calypso to hypnotize prey/
Get the boot cause like Groot you just loop lines you say/

Stay Kraven to hunt Distinguished Competition/
Your bomb hits is missing you can’t touch my Vision/
If you spitting Venom I got the cure/
Panther roars Black Bolt when I whisper/

Verse so Stern forced to “follow the leader” still/
Lord of Stars how I word my bars with Peter’s Quill/
Feel the skill and soul Supreme Sorcerer/
So Marvelous Stan Lee chants “excelsior!”–
Track Name: Only Child Style

CHORUS: “Let me explain only child style… I grew up to myself”

So what you know about growing up with no one but ur own shadow/
Forced to fight my own battles/
Matter fact I can count on no fingers those who had my back/
Yo my mother miscarried an older brother now add to that/

From day one little sis had a hole in her heart/
Till she left an early death put a hole in my heart/
In an instant my pop was distant we growing apart/
Tried to find the light but I couldn’t glow in the dark/

Other kids would judge me quick from the jump they’d be like he’s so self-centered/
Nah more like self-mentored/
Which was a symptom of an only child syndrome/
Life was no Full House sitcom lose some you win some /

But in the end I lost more than yall could ever gain/
Blowing in the wind looking for direction like a weather vane/
Praying to God every night for miracles that never came/
But I’m stronger now the only son so let it rain-

Aiyo I know a thing or two about being the only youth/
It’s my roots so excuse my solitary moods/
So untrue to assume spoiled brat’s my disposition/
My parents then you diss em since they had that disciplining/

But they did lack more children no siblings to play with/
On the plus stimulus for Spud to be creative/
Made my own backstories playing G.I. Joe and Cobra/
Awkward Outsider bugged Convo like Coppola/

Eventually I’d open up but got stuck at playtime/
When my hands would try to hold toys of both my pal and mines/
Spoke my mind before considering its effect/
Not selfish but wrestled with ego centric intellect/

God bless my cousins Jason and Keidi/
My neighborhood siblings the village that raised me/
This is my life wouldn’t trade it for another/
Helped me discover not just blood makes a brother –


My only brothers were from another mother but we looked out for each other/
The thought of life without them makes me shutter/
Utter loneliness will never exist as long as life consists/
As moments I’ll someday reminisce/

Twist of Family Ties has been undone by lies and accusations/
Blood thicker than water till they try manipulation/
Facing life with my circle although it remains small/
I know they’re by my side through the sunshine and rainfall/

But some days I wish I was surrounded by siblings/
But they’d say I’m lucky cause I don’t have to share things/
But they’re the lucky ones on the day when the phone rings/
And someone says your mom’s dying better go pack your things/

Sitting in a chair beside her hospital bed/
Head flooded with thoughts of despair and dread/
Wishing for a brother you could talk with a while/
That’s the darker side of only child style-
Track Name: Rhymeline

Looking back tracing my HipHop timeline/
When I Face my Book of rhymes I Like what I find/
A child on the passenger side his dad drives/
Downtown found sounds to add to archives/

Of vinyl Traxx Play De Record on cassette/
Thru DJ Pop’s sets HipHop sent a Friend Request/
Accepted pep lifted thru dad’s Maxells/
“Jam on it” was the Newcleus of his rap cell-/

-ebrate beat break, dancing, tagging/
His mom was poetic so genetics had him rapping/
Back in grade 3 his life got flipped around/
Turning point mom’s gift of “Totally Krossed Out”/

Vocally launched sound to school audience/
He did jump for his rap performance genesis/
Then he entered 36 laid the foundation/
Aimed for elevation it’s just the Bassman yo-

T-U-R-T-L-E Power/
Memorized my first lines rapping in the shower/
First grade 89 my first taste/
my first great love affair my first mate/

Grade 2 “To the Extreme” was in the tape deck/
What can I say “Protect Ya Neck” wasn’t made yet/
But fast forward to 93/
My friend says hey you got to listen to this tape my brother gave me/

What’s that ruckus coming from his bedroom/
“Bring da Ruckus” blast at full volume/
My dad snatched the tape away/
But I found it in his sock drawer the very next day/

So I got some headphones
Profound sounds of golden age poets floating in my head zone/
Filling my ears it got me excited/
But never in a million years did I think I could write it-

Something to make you feel all right/
Make you get up stand up and fight/
This is the life we chose/
But yall don’t want to hear me/
This is a life and love of fate/
Maybe you will or won’t relate/
But this is the life I chose

September was the month the year 97/
Genesis of GBC did meet as rhyme bredrens/
School of higher learning education secondary/
Visine drips in line for late slips from secretaries/

On the desk head buried not knowing what’s happening/
Napping and rapping was a distraction from passing/
French class to be specific perfect for writing lyrics/
Solo until invited Matrix Logic to kick it/

Wzup its Spud –Yo they call me the Bassman/
Wanna write rhymes – Name the time and the place man/
Yo right now on back of this vocabulaire/
My first B.L.A.D.E.S. came so sharp they could be slicing hairs/

Our mics compared and formed a formidable pair/
Lyrically we was there but instrumentally bare/
Just the previous year learning how to drive the vehcs/
Got in gear with a peer who could supply us beats/

Now it’s time to speak over Fenaxiz recordings/
Fill seats West to East we freak lyve performance/
That’s the start of Scarlem Scars enter our shine time/
When you hear post up and share the Rhymeline-
Track Name: SacraMental [Dubplate]

God’s inside of you to let him out/
All you have to do is start stepping out/
This is done by living right/
And reflecting the inner image of Christ/


Stand up speak out when you see wrong/
Let your actions write the word of God like John/
It might be hard but be a kid whose courageous/
For strength and guidance open bible pages/

And flame your heart to spark the light of the world/
Ignoring distractions keeping minds pure/
Ensure in the knowledge that God’s all we need/
Let Eden regrow from doing divine deeds/

Like the mustard seed grace increases from faith/
Each of us is God’s beloved like David/
Slave to sin but free in Christ/
Glorify the risen lord by being nice/

Shine so I can see his light don’t be covered lamp/
Shout chorus in prayer let me hear you chant-



We got to rally every valley to be exalted/
And convert turn away from dirt like Saul did/
Our faults rinsed clean redeemed through G-O-D/
Open soul to host his ghost and be holy/

And surely enough the last shall be first/
Positive acts will establish our worth/
From birth we were fashioned as God’s peeps/
Through fog shine streak so divine aint obsolete/

Each of us are feet marching in God’s army/
Let heart beats part peace to Marcus Garvey-


Through Baptism we began life as Christians
Made siblings through Christ to combat division
Became the Master’s kin cause that bath and rinse
Was a spiritual cleansing to subtract our sin

But from that path we slip and fall from Grace
Ignore Yah’s way and we walk astray
But if we call His name and Confess our sinning
He says my child we’re Reconciled your trespass is forgiven

How are you living not on bread alone
But on every word from the head of the throne
The body that broke the blood that bled
The Eucharist so give thanks that our soul is fed

Confirmees hold your head high say Amen
Declare that Christ is the boat that you are sailing
Since you are aging you must make the decision
That you truly and fully want to be with Him

Children just cause you’re young don’t mean your impact’s weak
In reality you’re like heaven’s master key
Matthew 18th Chapter, 3 says be like young peeps
And even Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.”–
Track Name: XX [Dubplate]

The way I xx will cause insane karma
The way you xx will cause insane karma
The way we xx will cause insane karma
So let’s all restore women’s honour or we goners


First verse dedicated to men/
Who don’t deserve that title cause how me flexing/
To be addressed that way gotta show respect/
Me obviously don’t me causing women’s death/

Neglect dignity perceived as piece of meat/
Supercede esteem with greedy sex needs/
Rep breeds feeding off gleaming queens that’s demeaned/
Dismembered to body part (s)exploiting like magazines/

Brag with glee diminishing women to slip in linen/
Afterwards smile grinning while child’s prides missing/
Objectifying respect denying has them left sighing/
Or even worse accepting its rep to be trying/

Why in Yah’s earth reverse turf of birth to dirt/
Putting them down to lift own low worth/
Instead of skirts and bras peep human beings/
Sisters daughters mamas who me should be seeing/

Being a man ain’t sex its intellect and respect/
Will the real men get up ayo gents represent-



Second verse dedicated to women/
Who belittled from big pimping/
Sometimes u hint indirectly or not/
Through attire we admire and clothes u don’t got/

On showing body parts scantily/
I ain’t saying its right but it cause a man to fiend/
I mean your decorum entice men for courting/
Straight up some is whoring get off bathroom floor and/

Keep head up above all else don’t self-degrade/
For praise of male snake who don’t love u anyway/
Many say they do put up until they spit/
Then you a leaking vessel they abandon ship/

Magic hit of contraceptives not always effective/
So may be left with results that’s expecting/
Respecting self’s key to knowing a woman’s worth/
So I gotta say it’s up to you to show it first/

Don’t murk mirth and virtue so jerk can smirk and squirt juice/
Burst hurtful hurdles keep pride in like girdle/
Remember you’re pearls when fully blooming/
Girls be a lady then you are a woman woman-



Third verse dedicated to work/
We have to do to preserve women’s worth/
Mere words can’t express their importance or value/
Thus we have to analyze what guys and gals do/

To see if its bad moves that’ll bring us to an end/
Cause everything’s affected by its conception/
That’s where women step in as the portal for new life/
But that door is being shut locked screwed tight/

They can’t do right as lovers thinking that it’s based on flesh/
Can’t expect them to love others if they do not love themselves/
And when you think your assets body sex and fashion/
Which are all passing relationships can’t be lasting/

Can’t imagine how punk males treat their mothers/
Should star in role of lover not abusive shover/
Shout out to my single moms/
Carrying kids with little equilibrium/

Family’s foundation mothers are its base/
Which must have strength to raise the race/
A shame we’re reversing the Case of Persons/
Cure women’s hurt or both our x is curtains-
Track Name: Date Debate

Picking up a mate it’s the Date Debate
Get your lines straight for the Date Debate

Being a poet I got a way with words/
Thru pick-up game Mike displays his worth/
Now I’m a say in verse a tale of flirtation/
That orchestrated my current mate situation/

Hit few bass’ for beats and such/
Just one play take lays no repeat stuff/
Feeling peeved as **** told Lyve I need love/
This g Spud seems tuff maybe could be your queen cuz/

For real what’s the deal give me the basics/
Descriptions mixed grooves in all the right places/
Waist stays spinning at the club center stage/
Jam promoting hostess how she get her pay/

Will be hard to get a date she has picky taste/
Everyday heads steady pressing her to get play/
Display A game to make her note you/
Lyve in no time I’ll lay strokes on boo-

I hit the club district to pay a visit/
and felt her vibe from the first instance/
Working her bizy circulating the place/
Patiently wait to speak over her break/

Excuse me miss didn’t pay me no mind though/
Head turned the other way like rotating vinyl/
Switched to rhyme mode yo peep this/
You aint fly you’re on a warp speed tip/

That got her open a bit to a smile mouth moved/
Rhymes cool kinda cute but I’m fine without you/
I doubt that boo how my pipe game bless ya/
So Fab got you singing Mike makes me better/

So not to vex her said opposite is true/
Still you were made for me to get on top of you/
Caught and ensnared your heart beats a snare/
Love is blind because love is in the ear-

Skip past dates passed we’re a perfect match/
Time to put hot wax relationship on track/
At Phase 1 trying to hit a home run/
Spontaneous foreplay dome and tongue/

Dead Prez flex start with mental sex/
Repeat to completion like a choral rep/
Got we pouring sweat when me going at it/
Can’t absorb flows even with walls padded/

As I grab a sock filter protection/
She says it turns me on to record our session/
Best keep bar hard to fit in my space/
Raise my volume like exhibition place/

But I’ll fade to background when needed be/
I know when to shut up leave you free to speak/
Said she’ll fade to background when needed be/
Knows when to shut up leave me free to speak/

Lyve bring her back for a lip lock treat/
Cause the girl I picked up is your hiphop beat/
I’ll bring her back for a lip lock treat/
Cause the girl you picked up is my hiphop beat-
Track Name: Listen Baby

Mom says where’d you get that then lays down a slap/
Stole GI Joe of rack mom made me take it back/
What if I didn’t do that or ignored how she raised me/
Peep tale of what happens when you don’t listen baby-/

-steps into theft penny candies from the store/
Metamorphs into BNE picking locks on doors/
Of prison bars slide as I find myself inside/
Luckily the first time I was tried as a child/

You’d think that change my style but back doing it again/
Producing same trends with pen pal new friends/
Minimal regrets making criminal connects/
Not considering amends but who will be my victim next/

Time I’m caught I’m brought up as an adult/
I tried to blame the system but it’s truly my fault/
Double trouble served myself score of love/
For materialism just another brother stuck/

Judge don’t budge from decision with lifetime of conviction/
Latest statistic victim facing recidivism/
Because I didn’t listen I have to sit in prison/
Last place of human race if you hare but don’t listen-

Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen/
Last place of human race if you hare but don’t “listen baby”/
Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen/
Last place of human race if you hare but don’t “listen baby”-

Now we all know sex is a natural thrill true/
But if not respected it can actually kill you/
Hear safe sex talk and then nod of course/
But soon explore for whores to discourse for intercourse/

A force in my torso pushes me forth/
To score on any court that’s open for sport/
Playing the field as I yield to my lust/
Heeded nuts muted gut saying keep shield up/

Soon I excrete pus got bumps and crotch sores/
Thankfully I’m cured by work of doctor/
Says seconds of pleasure aint worth life of pain/
Prescribes monogamy and wearing coat for the rain/

Still go with lower brain RAW murder like Kane/
Only learned my lesson after help from AIDS/
Life’s gone like orrhea came up short from jizzing/
Last place of human race if you hare but don’t listen/


You don’t hear must feel is the message of this tune/
We all make mistakes but it shouldn’t be on loop/
Remove repeat feature and learn from errors/
It’s a win when we listen to the wisdom of our elders/

They’ve been there done that plus love to divulge facts/
Do knowledge and I promise crack bondage of dunce cap/
Covers ears and eyes best take it from your head/
Want to sleep when they speak know we make our own bed/

True taking own steps is how we best learn/
But must you touch fire to confirm that it burns/
Heed words have faith in advice that’s given/
Last place of human race if you hare but don’t listen/

Science letters in listen rearrange to silent/
Can’t always be own pilot in need of wise guidance/
Try it open eyes and ears daily/
First place in human race when you listen baby-
Track Name: Leadership


Navigate the ways of leadership/
Reach to measure up like a metre stick/
Hold your breath and go in like a litre sip/
Take action captains of leadership

Set sail exhale aim to prevail/
Giving up is the only real fail-/
-ures turned to learning maturing/
This world’s cold then be the light that’s burning/

Searching for greatness look within/
Seek help off the shelf like a cook’s kitchen/
Make your footprints big as you walk with pride/
When you rise bring others along for ride/

Aiyyo God’s inside so potentials infinite/
Symphonies not made from a single instrument/
So link with a clique and “Play Ya Position/
Be Maestro of life’s road “Stick to your Vision”/

Jiu jitsu flipping a low to a high/
When your goals designed make your road the sky/
Aim high if you miss aim again/
Get cracking make it happen Amen!-

Sometimes being a leader means admitting defeat/
Don’t take a seat dust your feet reach back up 2 compete/
Can't always have driver seat or the starring role/
Servant leadership is the hardest role/

On your mark let's go towards the scrimmage line/
Put all your heart and soul till its finish time/
Only limits that bind are ones you allow/
Disavow dead weights that hold you down/

If goals to be star of crowd best try another route/
Supernovas shine bright but they do burn out/
Real leaders about igniting others flame and/
Collaboration to create constellations/

Constant straining an ongoing process/
Confidence best offense know you got this/
Lazer lock in and march 2 your targets/
Leaders launch your ship and seize what you charted-