GBC Radio 2​.​0 (single)

by GBC

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"Turn it up!"



VERSE 1 (Royce Birth)
I used to daydream all day in front of speakers/
Keeping double decks set tapes eager new feature/
Played once for the day gone before-fore you dub it/
"Just remember where you heard it first!" man you got to love it/

Like momma’s cooking from the oven sticking to your stomach/
Cause back then what stuck was music with substance/
But now you can't trust it like politician statements/
and more reason keeping 'mute' on constant rotation/

See when I was young, being in my room, pumping up a tune/
Used to want to get my song up on Power Move/
Masterplan, Mr. Magic, Future Flava, now tragic/
I got a habit to say, "the thrill is gone, never coming back"/

Before the music dies, I hope it gets a little soul/
I'm speaking to the masses not the ones in control/
Bringing back the mold that would bridge both the new and old/
and if you need it now, make it known let it be known-

CHORUS (Tracey Soman)
You like the cuts, you feeling us/
It’s GBC and where we be (Radio)/
Ohhh like the cuts, vibe with us/
It’s GBC that’s who we be-

VERSE 2 (Mikeraphone)
Globally Broadcast Channeling HipHop/
KISS airtime good bye JACK’d like picked locks/
Don’t got to spit pop to bounce of satellites/
Outcomes to fall flat if all you rap is Sprite/

You can’t match my height CN Tower over you/
Even changing station can’t hold your tune/
Like soldier boot camps programming kills/
Pay for play list bills they be jamming skills/

Now our plan’s fulfilled first track on radio/
Block wack signals like antennas laid low/
FLOW’s amped 93.5 volts/
SIRIUS as cancer with no antidote/

Boasting you’re hype like rush off cocaine/
But ENERGY faded away like 108/
We’re ‘bout to run home plate off of Bassman’s bass/
Jones for soul on radio yo take a taste Eh!-

CHORUS (Tracey Soman)
You like the cuts, you feeling us/
It’s GBC and where we be (Radio)/
Ohhh like the cuts, vibe with us/
It’s GBC that’s who we be-

VERSE 3 (Matrix Logic)
FM to AM, AM to PM/
Weekday and weekend we guaranteeing/
Audio blocks to knock your socks off talk soft/
Better yet close your mouth shut your voice box off/

We talk fast on our broadcast/
You better listen close and take notes or get exposed as a fraud fast/
Your podcast and MP3s/
Might as well be empty files of blank CDs /

Next to GBC’s EPitome of instant classic/
EPs so hot it couldn’t be wrapped in plastic/
Like Chapstick my lips bomb/
Explosive Energy never needed fake applause like bad sitcoms/

So turn your radios on and get yourself tuned in/
Turn the volume up and things will soon begin/
To make sense again like Spanish to a Mexican/
The language loud and clear GBC will be the next to win-


released August 11, 2012
Lyrics: Royce Birth, Mikeraphone, Matrix Logic & Tracey Soman
Beat: Matrix Logic



all rights reserved


MikeAll Toronto, Ontario

MikeAll (formerly known as Mikeraphone) is a Scarborough, Ontario native and Hip Hop educator. His first solo ep, "Mike Check", was produced in 2008 and his second solo, "Mike Support", is available now. MikeAll's goal is to put the poet back into Rhythm And Poetry.
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