Mike Check (album)

by MikeAll

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1st solo project


released August 11, 2008



all rights reserved


MikeAll Toronto, Ontario

MikeAll (formerly known as Mikeraphone) is a Scarborough, Ontario native and Hip Hop educator. His first solo ep, "Mike Check", was produced in 2008 and his second solo, "Mike Support", is available now. MikeAll's goal is to put the poet back into Rhythm And Poetry.
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Track Name: Encounters With Canada

Eh… Eh…. Eh… A. Magnum/
Lyve Track… All rise for the Canadian national anthem

Proudly stand and say Eh I’m from CEh/
Every hand raise, salute this place/
Maple leaf flags get to raising them/
Shout it throughout the stadium I’m Canadian/

July 1st 1867/
Conception of greatest nation rocking Red and/
White flag, flying high like a kite/
Displaying shine day and night with Northern Lights/

This place elevate more than height of Mount Logan/
Illuminate globe with Hearts that’s Glowing/
Flowing like escarpment to Niagara/
“What’s number one country?” Canada’s my answer/

I chant the national anthem with pride/
And hold the torch high for soldiers who lie/
In Flander’s Field, your memory’s never killed/
The land’s protected by Canadian Shield/

I seal this letter with mark of Maple Leaf/
Like Tom I’m stomping my feet to make the beat/
Spud spread love like Geese’s wingspan/
Connect all Canada land as Trans Can/


Run on the track like Terry Fox with my HipHop/
Beyond the yonder like Roberta Bondar’s lift off/
Hip-Pop’s hit with La Crosse slap shot, please stop/
Writing, cause it’s a joke like works of Stephen Leacock/

Maple leafs pop, y’all flat exposed soda/
Heart pump maple syrup like E. McCoy’s oil flower/
Hold your goals up high like game of James Naismith/
Soul’s like fire in Ottawa, flame stays lit/

Maintain your grip, slip trip but don’t falter/
Move forth due course like blue nose of Angus Walters/
Assaulters of art charged with antlers of a moose/
So untruths removed la bouche cocooned in a toque/

Best pack a snow suit, oral coldness freeze long johns/
Native to poetry like Emily Pauline Johnson/
Action, more’s on the way so activate camera/
And if you tape something great, then “blame Canada/


Rep as a Nunavut Inukshuk, I’ll herd ya/
Heart’s sharp shots murk burglars like Hitman of Alberta/
Discover jewels in mine like minerals of New Brunswick/
Mount real like Quebec eject true text spew lungs wind/

You think the drum hit, you ain’t seen force yet/
Test and step into my Territories like North West/
Then I’ll get vex, text wreck, print dead war styles/
Small Spud crammed with manpower like Prince Edward Isle/

Profiles wild and guile, my raps too strong/
Attack’s smash wack flat like prairies of Saskatchewan/
Asking who I be, man I told ya/
Got to Guess Who like stars of Manitoba/

Storm blower, have with this flow umbrella/
Phrases brain drain rain like British Columbia/
My fam band and stand to sound grand/
Spud’s spirit screech with heat like juice of Newfoundland/

Dude’s sound slams with firepower of nuke bombs/
But still frostbitten cold like Yukon/
Virtues gone and dark clouds hover over/
Remove them and live in merry times like Nova Scotia/

Bite like a Labrador slashed by TO raptor/
Hear glow play in stereos of Scarborough, Ontario/
Yo, forget applause can I have a yeah/
For the word summing all up “kanata”

...Peace to DJ’s rotate my anthem/
Spin those wheels of steel like Rick Hanson
Track Name: Frostbite

Lyve track… so cold you need a thermostat/
A. Magnum murder the rap

This Canadian Mike T-Dot hot sauce mics/
F*** that freeze ears chewed from Frostbite/
Pages’ coldness contagious pretenders piled in cages/
Y'all senders of styles minimum like child wages/

CanadEh I’m promoting man that’s lame I’m demoting/
Tdot Ocean coasting up ranks like promotion/
Mics coated in nitro so I flow explosions/
Just tip of toe leaves volcanoes and infernos frozen/

Holding ear lobes to my tongue like it’s stuck to popsicles/
Rhyme so cold cause I write with Tdot icicles/
Only drop spittle from nostril no skill can’t spit or rap/
You don’t run flows cause cold got u froze in your tracks/

Please pack it in like ice what you rap it don’t suffice/
You ain’t cold so to compensate you excessively strut ice/
You slush types get carried away by mister plow/
My blizzard’s blow lift you like a triple salchow/

Then you allowed down to break your fall on Tower’s tip/
Jumping on thin black ice if you on a power trip/
Now you hit by pen’s lead for raps that’s make belief/
Labeled chiefs staple eats is sap from Maple Leafs

Scarborough’s MO P olar when me cold as ice/
Leave frost residue when me holding mics/
Glowing like snow reflecting sun God’s light/
Crowds don’t dance they shiver deliver hiver Frostbite

Cold, cold, cold it’s getting colder/
Cold, cold, cold it’s getting colder/

Scarborough’s warming whoops freezing up SLASH with icicles/
Want ride with us take training wheels of your bicycles/
Calling up Raptor to deal with you field mice/
Attempt to stand tall balled into cubes like ice/

Movement of Scarborough spirals produces freezing weather/
Can’t speak or breath mouth and nose froze together/
FLI- by snowballing aimed at ear's corridor/
Mike Ironman SLASH Faster Blades in Winter Wars/

Me go deeper than your pores or even throat of whores/
Better open up and drink whenever my head pours/
World’s a barren desert call we Canadian Cacti/
Jock FLI flow career rock suit with black tie/

Grappling with lines of rhyme to elevate at Mount Rhyme/
Every line and page grow with age we fine wine/
And cry sobbing baby needing pacification/
When you got Frostbite when thoughts got this sensation/

Placing same effect on listeners of any nation/
Exposure to Frostbite cuts off wack circulation/
Peeps blazing come in ice cubes after Scarborough blow/
No thawing from immersion up in artsick flow


Blowing cold front approach Scarborough’s origin of course/
I do this sans breaking sweat you use excessive force/
Try to hard to beat brain match mic sentence spar/
Y’all could be my massa still ain’t up to par/

-Kas required to wear cause climate as me performing/
Precautions for coldness when I’s are storming/
Like shoveling snow the weight of flow cause a hernia/
I osmose spills worse chills than hypothermia/

Preserve pens provisions through mental refrigeration/
Exhalations so cold flows froze foes perspiration/
On mics me do our bid who ever test sorry they did/
Drown wackas in flows once me open up our lid/

Spit SLASH in the face of those who ally satan/
Cool your heated mouth with my Alpine medication/
And while guys hating I’ll be taking global respect/
With tongues rolling of flows that grow like snowball effect/

Dragons could blow scalding breath but never melting this/
Lukewarm minus 273.15 Celsius/
Hell’s heat just froze along with Islands and tropics/
Turn summer to Tundra when Northern frost hits

Track Name: S.L.A.S.H. like a hypen

B.L.A.D.E. tools
SLASH demoting fools
Lyve track

Offensive writings why me S.L.A.S.H. Like a Hyphen/
Battle BLADES do dental work on wackas biting/
Verb fighting slash tense against spiting/
To drop height and life in song S.L.A.S.H. Like a Hyphen/
Lying trying to siphon my writing/
Get in my sight and I’ll S.L.A.S.H. Like a Hyphen/
Hip Hop’s Mount Olympus then you’d be a titan/
Giants fall in Hades from S.L.A.S.H. Like a Hyphen

G-Z-A much praise Leper SLASH BLADES/
Swarming like police raids to penetrate your barricades/
Lower hands they cant cover audio doorway/
I’ll just give them Frostbite with breath colder than Norway

Store them in your pocket expose ear so I can chop it/
Leave brains puddled for custodian to mop it/
Stop it won’t even slip out your lip/
Cause then I’ll cause more pain then when a virgin’s cherry rips/

For the worst time I put down the peace sign/
And refine my mind to become dynamite mine/
Exploding shrapnel rhyme’s projected point blank/
To cash dough I smash foes like piggy coin banks/

Wack haters join the ranks of white flag waivers/
My mics dark saber way I strike back’s Vader/
Degrade ya you failures don’t advance my course/
Is BLADE straight to your chest like knight with lance and horse

Battle we rather have dominatrix lash/
No way marks heal when battle BLADES SLASH


Back to attack with wrath SLASH the wack/
When it comes to rap your pulse’ll be flat/
Line for line my quotes doper than cocaine/
Only way you blow is giving brain with stuffed nose/

Jones itching from addiction to inflict affliction/
BLADEs scratch so fast you think I was a DJ mixing/
Start wishing for water and emergency aid/
Cause I put gun powder candles on your bday cake/

Aiyo me stay laced like club drugs of a raver/
If your steez is cheesy than naturally I’m grater/
I’ll blaze ya like trees on Libermann forest logs/
Wanna make the cut it’s Science class and you’re the frog/

Lodge left hits while I dodge as vile viper/
Syllab strike ya backslash like net typer/
Relight ya corpse crisps like it’s a roach spliff/
Gave you a chance to score but you a whore so you blow it



Third times the charm left armed to do harm/
After bomb hits performed nothing’s left to embalm/
You was warned but it wasn’t heeded so you deleted/
But life will go on by Charon you’ll be greeted/

And seated too low as the company of Pluto/
In scraps this Victor make hunched backs like Hugo/
You know the result of provoking confrontation/
Renders contenders in suspended animation/

Terminating biters with BLADEs like Wesley Snipes/
I got a thirst for blood and obey the sprite/
This Leperd predator pounce on prey patiently prowl/
While eyes fixed on scowl ears hear pre-feeding howl/

Now I chow main course till I’m obese from the feast/
On the strong so my song’s brawn increase/
Even the coldest mcs melt like snow that’s salted/
From Sting Lowering Adrenaline Strikebacks Halted
Track Name: War of 2 Worlds

Lyve track (I’m back)… S.L.A.S.H.

Verb voodoo of 2 preparing pens pointed pour you/
In mic wars I of tiger roar through/
Impermeable membrane’s what hurled scar chew/
Thrown to Tdot twister than world war 2 (U)

Leper turd words on pad reincarnated Ferdinand/
This ain’t no S.T.A.B. in your blood ink I dab/
To tag your carcass with your own obituary/
You smell like vielle dairy Leper put the blood on Mary/

Was f***ing Carrie but found her to be passive/
Consume your blood and body at my own daily masses/
Nail SLASHs till they match lambs gashes/
Break backs with lashes your life’s numbered like math is/

Pass this sacrifice up to the altar wack rap halter/
Tightly squeeze your chest like halter/
Tops ugh until your rib cage pops/
And organs plop out of your *ss like ish drops/

Your flows flop like water diving on your belly/
So you hear spear ear with antennae of a celly/
Slice life like deli maim ya frame into jelly/
Ask me to smoke a bone I crush and then roll up your skelly/

My home’s helly satan’s my landlord/
My bud soar from blood pour of victim my hand gored/
Raised styles floored like tiles carpets and rug/
Sir Spud’s anus used as outlet for this plug/

With a spoon I dug out the womb of your mom/
While you was an ovum so your life couldn’t begun/
Find fun in assaulting faulting to coffin/
With Sting Lowering Adrenaline Strikeback Halting

Track Name: Mental Mode

Give me that mic/Mike
You caused enough damage it’s time to set things right, right, right

Sir Spud and Matrix Logic on the beat/
Bout to take you on our TTC/
Toronto thinking consciously/
So ride the knowledge rocket

Enter Mental Mode into my pencils load/
Whole points of knowledge aim at your temple and blow/
To engrain your brain with 8 grains of sage/
Illuminate dark space when GRACE Calgary flame/

Phrases blaze the page with Pentecostal fire/
Poetically this caged bird sings like Maya/
Hindus know what eyes views a deluding illusion/
Science of life solvents break down to make solutions/

Waste and pollution shrouds the skies/
The same way doubts and lies cloud third eyes/
From the highs of Mount Rhyme minds rise like price amounts/
When adding up worth don’t forget inside counts/

From my wide mouth wise clouts fly out as I shout/
Rhymes to get us aligned with divine route/
This world’s like a sport’s team first step try out/
If your plays fail change game during time outs/

Wanna know the time forget your watch watch your mind/
Ignore rollies shine true brilliance is holy mind/
This noble knight glow ozone that evil cant erode/
Charles X can’t inspect dome when I’m in Mental Mode GO!
Track Name: Epiphany Liturgy

In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy…
Spiritually Inspired Righteousness Sprouting Poetically Uttered Divinity
Sir Spud… Matrix Logic

Divinity purity Epiphany Liturgy

Sun of man arm we with sword that be flaming/
Yah’s rays chase you down no need for aiming/
As I maiming vamp bats like Joe Carter/
Negativity chargers new niche is as an offer/

Sacrificed as I buntly swing/
BLADEs amputate sin like guillotine to French king/
Read said and bled so satan’s not ahead of/
Temple nourished and fed with the bod and bread of/

Yeshua cross ya sin do harikari/
Lord prepare we to be your bond servant like Mary/
Hail her divine seed born of the Holy Spirit/
If me mirror pere’s appearance me inherit cherished merit/

Bearing fruits that profusely boost spiritual growth/
Flesh ain’t all like Jericho’s wall physical folds/
Without God body’s hollow like tomb on third day/
Even if you hate it stay 8 love your way/

Slay sin turn around like rodeo of Calgary/
Trying to raise I like temple at Calvary/
My salary for rhyming is to be day that’s shining/
And share sacrificial lamb spiritual dining/

Mining minds talent's excavated/
Sacred fruit’s disintegrated if from root separated/
BLADE’s sharpened on cornerstone out satan’s bondage saw/
Today and everyday follow way led by Yah


Sir Spud branch planting right hand of family tree/
Spiralling sonic hymns of protonic energy/
Telling thee I lodge this to fertilize pod/
Heads nod catching charges like a lightning rod/

Root is God frauds polluting lost are looting/
Shadow prism cause tropism of evilution/
Solvent of solution that soar out heart’s core/
Be stored offering of what gored lamb pour/

Board lord provides the ride to get high/
In out sin devout can only choose one side/
And rely on one master you exclusively give service/
Don’t self worship flesh and step in shoes of pigs/

Treading in letting in sin king in mud/
Mind line divine rhyme vine bud from Spud/
Is small like a shrub but I’m the mustard seed/
I thrust up in deed because I trust in thee/

G-O-D- the Sir to Spud the ammo in A Magnum/
The reason why this is more than just a rap song/
Add on eye (Adonai) and see the lord deserving praise/
Solar rays second day sprays raise is Yahweh Eh/


I stomp no stamp Pentecostal pen prints/
Eucharistic rhyme offertory wine is ink/
Yo drink up cup lubricated like McCoy/
Elijah and I share diet 40 fast don’t destroy/

That’s on every word served from mouth of Master/
Plates of psalms slurped upward like it was pasta/
Consumed as fuel for spark of second day/
Light glowing showing eyes that Yah is the way/

2day is Yahweh’s vein glass window/
The burning bush is the spark that kindles/
Dribble spit shine poems to cleanse domes and eye sight/
When mind’s right there’s no ceiling and floor’s sky’s height/

Steps of sheep guided by staff of good shepherd//
One whose healing touch clutch we out ways that Lepered/
Letter words to cure like work of Martin de Porres/
This Canadian cord arise accord with the lord/

Soldiers of the left on left I tossing ya/
Damned feet and head washed with flows like Yeshua/
BLADE’ll be pressing ya if deadly seven’s kin/
Sir Spud’s spiritual spit splashes sparks severing sin… AMEN
Track Name: Marvelous

Yeah A. Magnum had to sneak back up in this snatch the mic quick
You know all of that spiritual devil versus God evil versus good
All of that raps that’s too out there man
The people just want to hear some rhyme styling
They wanna know how the artist does how he keeps it Marvelous

I do my Thing rock hard when its clobbering time/
Can shatter Wolverine’s spine when I’m hollering rhymes/
Since Siren style is how my grammar’ll roar/
You can’t lift my mic up like the hammer of Thor/

I’m commanding the force howling Fury like Nick/
Ish from Sand on the floor I build myself to a brick/
Stick to plans I apply my hand like Spiderman/
Got my man on the beat to bring a Lyve the jam/

Tightly slam secure ciphers like wheels and bike locks/
Staring in opponents eyes with the sight of Cyclops/
My mics cocked got sights locked your life bars a right off/
Incite shock knock lights off with right touch like Psylocke/

You talk big but when the battle music’s on/
Your invisible b***h so change name to Susan Storm/
Human Torch scorch the mic when I’m just getting warm/
I know you feel my buzz cause I form as Swarm/

My harsh words hurt the epidermal nerves of Colossus/
So vivid when I rock it Matt Murdock can watch us/
The blob gets run through when I bum rush ahead/
A Magnum’s Marvelous nuff said
Track Name: Great White North

Mike Check. Yeah all that rhyme styling’s cool playing with words/
But give me the mic and I’m a say something of worth
Eh I love Canada indeed I’m so Canadian maple syrups what I bleed/
But Canada ain’t all sweet

The Great White North drained the life force/
Of millions of human rights ignored/
European recourse for building this nation/
Appropriation enslavement exploitation/

Foundation’s allegedly English and French/
But that ignores Canada’s first residents/
Historical documents fictitious twisted/
How Chris discover *ish nations been existed/

But got stripped quick of land and all props/
Wars fought biologically cloths with Smallpox/
Populations dropped survivors enslaved/
Biased treaties made which Whites would renege/

To deculturate Native customs banned/
Residential schools left youth roots curtained/
Moved to reserve lands while Whites made reservation/
Of better habitation Natives placed in lesser station/

Observe isolation intoxication on First’s earths/
It’s apparently clear reserves mirror ghetto turfs/
Aboriginal worth was abhorred as minimal/
This is Canada’s historical core and it’s pitiful

The flag’s tainted with racist imagery/
Ivory equals white supremacy/
Red’s for blood shed by minorities/
If you disagree do your history

CEh ain’t like States it’s a slave’s haven (kiss teeth sound)/
Till 1834 Blacks faced enslavement/
After liberation still kept subordinate/
Through schools that segregate curriculum miseducates/

Texts circulate info on A.G. Bell’s invention/
Elijah McCoy’s lubricating cup’s not mentioned/
Ask Viola Desmond if Blacks let in front row/
Dumped folks in ghetto to settle for bum role/

Speaking of crumb holes evil tactics killed/
Halifax’s Black village Africville hacked to nil/
The facts is real their home was made into a ghetto/
Invading railroad waste zone no H2O/

TO was cool yeah cold like wind chill/
Entertainment face painted insult called minstrel/
White skin cells made man Blacks were boys no fetal/
Not a person but a Black thing Negro


Caucasians hold top station and dropped Asians/
To bottom placement brought to this nation for job enslavement/
The railroads connect cause of Chinese immigrants/
Whose work was highly threatening and were denied benefits/

When they tried get residence kept back with head tax/
Their women weren’t welcome so birth rates be left flat/
War xenophobia sealed Japanese fate/
They were despised as spies and enemies of the State/

War measures activated human rights violated/
Property funds freedom confiscated/
Incarcerated in camps for internment/
They even paid for captivity like tenants and rent/

These events don’t fit CEh’s distinguished image/
One thing’s clear it’s only fair when your skin is/
These events don’t fit CEh’s distinguished image/
One thing's clear it’s only fair when your skin is

Track Name: DEKoration (The Black Jool)

For the bro I miss DeOliver Twist/
“I reminisce I reminisce”

D ecember thirtieth/
The birth of black jool worth more than worldly gifts/
my neighbourhood sibling fellow West Indian/
single parent mothers and only children/

lonely living killed by his company/
honed my poems while he beatbox bumped the beat/
we used to run the street playing manhunt and tag/
after elementary century sam blunts we drag/

in fact he’s who I had my first spliff with/
a main reason why my verse is heard on discs/
the earth’s dimmer now lacking brilliant star shine/
it's a darn crime some are blind to his art and rhymes/

my heart archives memories like museums/
human being exhibit look at me then you see him/
not tatted but carry mark like school worksheets /
DEKorated I shine DEK’s my black jewelry


E ternal life’s destined yours/
suicide cant keep you outside heaven’s door/
a bredren for sure (word) I begged and implored/
to rewind time prevent the death u headed for/

hard head first you faced a train to slay the pain/
but it didn’t work the hurt don’t lay in the grave/
it remains with your fam like a knife cut scar/
not excused but understood that your life was hard/

courageous yet selfish core aching for wellness/
forsaken in cells grip your status was hellish/
Ignored yells for help from guilt trip and crime/
I wonder what was closed your lips or our eyes/

Never saw the signs didn’t follow my mind/
left message a few days after wish I’d called in time/
got to be a better way to release ache /
cause suicide’s a guide to DEKay


K O’d never souls forever/
know you treasured like ropes and tethers we close together/
Hanzo wont sever more than legal codes binding/
my muse that’s inspiring in my flow you’ll find him/

alive and thriving your living through me (indeed)/
my birthdays yours so you reached 2 3/
its you I should see in my passenger seat/
remember when a joy ride left you scarred under cheek/

please pardon me I was there that night/
but as time went on I was barely in sight/
busy faring with life working plans to advance it/
got ahead and lost DEK damn it took you for granted/

abandoned no more made you a home in my core/
we're both getting points when my goals are scored/
I recognize sacrifice not an in vain martyr/
my fates offered to main partner Dwayne Foster-